QuickSurfer Browser

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Geliştirici: Dan Kalin

A browser that makes it easier to read news sites and blogs on your iPhone.

• Super Fast Browsing

QuickSurfer shows the text and image content as fast as possible, after stripping out most ads, page clutter, and reformatting the web page for mobile.

• Cool Colors and Fonts

Instantly set up a comfortable reading experience using QuickSurfers font size and color presets.

• Intelligent Navigation

QuickSurfer transforms lists of links and headings into native iPhone menus. Find sections of a news site without hunting around. Discover interesting pages within a site. Or, access the headlined articles instantly.

Web page headings are automatically scrolled into view, so you can start reading the site or article immediately!

How does it work?

Most web pages download their readable content to your phone immediately, but most browsers dont show it to you right away! QuickSurfer takes a different approach - it downloads only the first HTML file, then any image files specified - and no more. Our goal is to interpret this data for you - to display it fast, formatted in a cool way and highly readable on your phone, while allowing you to navigate web sites with ease.

** QuickSurfer does not process any of the following:

- Javascript (so text or images that depend on Javascript will not be loaded)
- Embedded media (videos, slideshows, audio or any other media are not loaded)
- HTML Forms
- Sites that require logins
- Interactive website features (so "forums" and shopping sites are not intended for use)


- Enter either URLs or search terms in a same field. Search results are displayed in the same way as other pages.

- Headings menu shows all page headings that are links

- Extracts site navigation and other lists of links, displayed in convenient native menus. This reduces "page clutter" and makes it very fast to surf to different articles and web content.

- Easily access a sites top-level page (usually the home page)

- Add and remove Favorites easily in one easily accessible Favorites list.

- Sites Visited menu has the host names of web sites that were accessed - so even if you dont save a favorite, you can still get back to that home page you were reading!

- Search site feature to search to within a web site

- Choose from a selection of color schemes

- Set the address-bar to different colors

- Change fonts instantly. Choose a basic text font and a separate font for page headings. A variety of fonts are included.

- Line Spacing and Text-size settings

- Fine adjust Text-Size (+/-)

- Power Scrollbar to rapidly scroll through a page with a lot of text.

- Lock/Unlock device rotation (whether iPhone is landscape or portrait)

- From a browser such as Safari, open a URL in QuickSurfer by adding the prefix qsurf:// instead of http://

- If at any time you wish to see the full web page, you may opt to view the page in Safari (or Chrome, if installed) using an action menu - or by a "long press" when you tap on a link.